The Shepherd's Dogge The Border Collie Museum...either at the hearing of his master's voyce, or at the wagging and whistling in his fist, or at his shrill and hoarse hissing, bringeth the wandering weathers and straying sheepe into the self same place where his master's will and wishe is to have them. 
The Working Sheepdog UK SHEEPDOG PICTURES! - Welcome to the working sheepdog website. Here you will find plenty of excellent pictures of working border collies as well as information on how to start training your sheepdog for trials and herding work.
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Animal Fitness Center - Dr. Ava Frick - We specialize in the diagnosis and management of injuries, disease, nutritional problems, chiropractic, rehabilitation procedures, and pain management. Patches story.

All About Border Collies Information about border collies and herding. Contains articles on border collie general information, border collie activities, border collie veterinary information, border collie breeding, border collie culture, border collie books and magazines, and border collie products
Mountaintop Custom Kennels


We are owners and trainers that want nothing less than the best for our dogs. With a background in metal fabrication and design, we use our skills in fabricating the BEST kennels possible. We can build anything your dog's heart desires. All we need are your ideas...  Located in Abingdon, VA

Kuawarri Kennel - Australian Cattle Dogs and Australian Kelpies - Concentrating on Herding Ability. Although we've had Australian Cattle Dogs (ACDs) for over 20 years, Kuawarri Kennel was not established until 1989. Kuawarri Kennel is very selective in its breeding program and strives for the ultimate in herding.  We have been very fortunate in the quality of dogs that have come our way over the years. Training, Clinics, Private Lessons and Pedigrees available upon request.Puppies and started dogs available on occasion Marilyn & Larry Painter.

 Scrapie is a fatal, degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of sheep and goats.  It is among a number of diseases classified as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE).  Infected flocks that contain a high percentage of susceptible animals can experience significant production losses.  Over a period of several years the number of infected animals increases, and the age at onset of clinical signs decreases making these flocks economically unviable.  Animals sold from infected flocks spread scrapie to other flocks.
INFORMATION: Government marketing, lamb marketing, goat marketing, wool marketing, ethnic/religious marketing, sheep & goat marketing cooperatives, sheep & goat statistics, grading standards and international trade.

Chaparral Sheep Ranch: Registered Dorpers. Our goals are to maintain excellent shedding cover on fast growing, meaty animals.

The Working Border Collie Magazine The Working Border Collie, a bimonthly magazine, is published and edited by Bruce and Linda Fogt in Sidney, Ohio. The Working Border Collie features sheep/cattle dog training articles by some of the nation's top trainers and more.
 The United States Border Collie Handler's Association, Inc. (USBCHA) is the sanctioning body for sheepdog trials throughout the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1979 and has grown into an organization of more than 500 members. Members who qualify at sanctioned Open trials during the year are eligible to compete in the USBCHA  National Finals to determine the champion Open dog and handler for that year. The annual USBCHA  Nursery Finals determines the champion Nursery (30 months or younger) dog and handler from among those members who have qualified in that year's sanctioned Nursery trials. The USBCHA had our first National Cattledog Finals in 2001

MSSDA host two 2-day ISDS-International Sheep Dog Society style ABCA- American Border Collie Association sanctioned trials each year. One in the spring at the Double 'B' Boys Ranch and the second in conjunction with International Goat Days Celebration in September. Open and Nursery classes are USBCHA- United States Border Collie Handlers Association sanctioned. Both trials have 80% paybacks in Novice, Open, Pro-Novice and Nursery for the top  20% of the winners in these classes.

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Herding on the Web Herding dogs have long been important in livestock industries throughout the world. Today there is also an increased interest in herding on the part of individuals who are not involved in the livestock industry, but who are interested in working with their dogs and helping preserve the talents and abilities of the herding breeds. Competitive herding trials have been increasing in number and variety.

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Our goal is to make your shopping experience as pleasurable as possible. We accept major credit cards through our secure shopping cart system. If paying by credit card please note that charges will appear on your credit card statement as Scott Enterprises (Our parent company). You can also pay by personal check or electronic funds transfer using your PayPal account. Call us for the PayPal account information.
Welcome to the Stock Dog Server Welcome to the Stock Dog Server, serving the herding community since 1993.  Click the logo to go to the introduction, follow the links on the side to take you to our extensive collection of herding related resources or use the breed specific sections below. If you are new to the world of stock dogs take a look at the introduction to stock dogs. Don't forget to check out what's new on the Stock Dog Server.
Working with the horse is a way of life for me.  He's my livelihood, my hobby, my passion.  If given a little thought, a little understanding, and a little common sense, the horse gives back in full measure.  If the human can give 5%, the horse will come from the other side with 95%.  The horse never ceases to amaze me with what he can get done with very little help from the human.
The Australian Fund The Australian Fund was started in 1992 to provide stock dog clinics and seminars to farmers, ranchers, and city herding enthusiasts to increase their understanding and ability to use their dogs with livestock safely, humanely, and effectively.  The proceeds from these clinics are used to bring renown Australian stockmen and dog handlers over to the United States to educate the Australian Fund participants and clinic attendees on the training, breeding and use of stock dogs and stockmanship.  Family involvement is stressed in these clinics by inviting both the Australian Clinician and his family.
The Iowa State Fair

The team of Nyle Sealine and his dog "Flint" were the only contestants to complete all four of the required herding tasks in the Open Class Sheep Dog Trials Friday (Aug. 16) at the Iowa State Fair. The Princeton, MO, duo captured first place in the competition that featured 10 entrants.

North American Australian Kelpie Registery, Inc. In North America the Working Kelpie has been used and raised as a working livestock dog. The Working Kelpie has not carried a high visibility profile in North America as it has been used and bred almost exclusively in working environments in the United States and Canada for close to, or more than, 75 years.
The Vietnam War This site does not try to document the entire history of the Vietnam War but is intended as a picture essay, illustrating some of the incredible conditions under which soldiers from both sides lived, fought, played and ultimately died.
St. Croix Hair Sheep International Assoc. The International St. Croix Hair Sheep Association, Inc. (a.k.a.  St. Croix Sheep Breeders Association, Inc ) is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the breed, and promoting this rare hair sheep. Hair sheep have been bred for meat, not wool. In cold climates, St. Croix grow a winter coat that is shed each spring.  St. Croix possess many traits that are highly desirable to the modern shepherd.
KHSI:  Katahdin Sheep work very well in a variety of production situations as a low-maintenance, easy care sheep.  Katahdins have generated a great deal of interest from all parts of North America. 

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